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Halló I’m Candi Soul Sparkles I’m Icelandic & love to creative! I want to humbly welcome all of your beautiful souls to my life! Yashiya bless & Thank you! 🙏🏼 🤍

Limited Edition Artwork 

Candi Soul Sparkles Limited Edition Artwork!
Hi loves, I have created some stunning artworks for you which will be printed on demand. Click the titles of what artworks you want to purchase then it will send you straight to email where you can order directly, in your message please include the size of artwork you want, material style of canvas wrapped or unwrapped canvas that you want and you will receive a reply quickly with pricing, yes shipping is free! Once you agree to the price a payment link will be sent and your order prepared. 
You will then receive a tracking number and estimated date of delivery.
Depending on location delivery dates will vary as with overseas orders having to go through customs. Please be patient and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have and you will be helped with much understanding. 
I’m so very excited to get these beautiful works in your hands! There will only be 20 of each piece available in a variety sizes, if you need a specific size I can definitely accommodate that. These pieces can be purchased directly from me and team via my personal Instagram DM
@soulsparkles_love or via my personal email: [email protected]
I’m looking forward to hearing from you my loves! Chat soon!🤍

These pieces are very special as there will only be so many so invite them into your life sooner than later. Don’t forget that a special treasure such as these speciality art pieces are incredibly thoughtful original gifts that anyone will be thankful to have & grateful you though of them.🤍

Soul Sparkles Art Gallery 

Click HERE to head over to my 1st art gallery or below to visit my 2nd art gallery to buy my art pieces! Come see many more lovely pieces as new art is continuously being revealed you won’t want to miss!

Click HERE to head over to my 2nd art gallery with more limited edition artwork like below to purchase directly from the site. While your there you can also make purchases that help give back to our earth and in turn each other. Join in the giving, when you buy any one of my pieces each print a tree is planted! I love creation, creating & all it’s creativity & I’m divinely inspired by the love Aravat designed in. Here are some of my “Art Passion Pieces”......
‘Further down you will see some displays of different artworks in lovely settings to give you an idea of what it can look like & what a beautiful addition Candi Soul Sparkles artworks will bring to any place it is placed! 

To purchase these Limited Edition Artworks of 3 below your can order directly from the artist via the email [email protected] or direct message via Instagram @soulsparkles_love click on the artwork you want to order, it will be printed on Giclée Ilford cotton textured paper, the size can be determined at ordering as size adjustments are available, if you want anything special such as material like, Hahnemühle bamboo, Eason gloss, Hahnemühle Pearl, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, etc.. or murals please state that in the email. If your not sure what size or material you want that is fine the artist can help you with all the detail with much efficiency. 

Candi Soul Sparkles artworks on display in lovely settings.

 A little bit more Sparkle....

Beautiful interview, immerse yourself into the deep artistic realm of Soul Sparkles